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Timeshare Exchanges: A Guide Out of a hundred percent, only twenty percent of timeshare owners invest in home resorts as the rest set down their adds in their weeks. presuming that the Owner Occupancy Level is at 20%, then it is expected that getting a trade to whatever you want is quite simple. Most resorts in spite of this, have a much greater Owner Occupancy Level, higher than twenty percent. Most resorts have an Owner Occupancy Level of ninety percent. It is possible for timeshare owners to determine the OOL and their possibilities on getting the exchange in the following ways. Most resorts and clubs have pinned out their programs making it easy for people to get the information they need to know about. This happens mainly during the max out seasons such as Christmas, Easter, summers, and winters.
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Once you have made payments to a resort or club it is quite difficult to get an exchange most especially if they pay a large sum, it is therefore difficult for people to get reservations if the resorts are full. You should, therefore, expect a very high Owner Occupancy Level in such a place. Not unless a customer then decides to relocate their destinations or take their families on vacations outside their regular routine then this gives other people the chance to get reservations.
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There are other factors to consider other than the purchase pricing in such situations. As there are resorts that have high Owner Occupancy Levels during all times be it winter or summer as compared to other resorts. Getting transactions at timeshare clubs is tough. It happens to be because a club owner does not have to go through RCI or II for transfer purposes. This is why you find most clubs having high Owner Occupancy Level. It is straightforward for one to wholly affirm the availability they could get once they plan on visiting a resort. RCI and II could help one get the information they need about a certain resort though you need to get the right consultants. Since not all can give you the answers you need. It is possible for one to find out what they need by calling the resort directly. The OOL of resorts vary it should be noted that it is not a mandatory thing for a resort to have a high OOL throughout. Trending currently, is the rise in the number of large and new resorts in most parts of the world. Before getting a reservation, it is good to understand that nowadays, resorts that are located in busy cities get fully booked during the holiday seasons. It is due to the mere fact that most families these days want to get resorts close to their homes.