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Health Benefits of Dancing Dancing is a nice way for people of all ages to be and stay in shape. Aside from being fun, dancing has several positive health benefits. Specific styles of dance can have a considerable impact on your health and sense of well-being. So many folks have turned to dancing as their workout or exercise. Take a look around and you’ll most likely see a good number of dance schools and studios in your area. And they may just be getting more popular for the various benefits dancing provides, including: Flexibility
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Flexibility is a crucial part of attaining health. Dance requires a lot of flexibility. Most dance classes start with a warm-up, which includes many stretching exercises. Dancers should strive to achieve full range of motion for each of the major muscle groups. Greater range of motion equals more muscles being able to flex and extend. Dance often requires bending and stretching, so dancers naturally improve their flexibility simply by dancing.
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Strength Strength is known as the ability of a muscle to apply a force against resistance. Dancing builds strength with the muscles being made to resist a dancer’s own body weight. In many styles of dance, jumping high into the air is required. This demands a tremendous amount of strength from the major leg muscles. Endurance Without a doubt, dance is a type of physical exercise. It heightens endurance, or the ability of muscles to work hard for long periods without fatigue. Regular dancing is effective for improving endurance, particularly vigorous dancing like line and ballroom dancing. Increasing the heart rate can also increase stamina and endurance. Kinesthetic Control Your kinaesthetic control refers to your ‘body control’ and is what gives you the ability to estimate your body’s position in space at any particular point in time. This is connected to balance, spatial awareness and agility. Since dancing demands that you stay conscious of your whole body as you perform difficult steps, it is tremendously helpful in this sense. Posture But a few people know just how damaging posture can be to one’s health. To dance well, you need to be able to improve your posture – that is, shoulders back, chin and chest up. Doing this regularly improves your natural posture, giving you a healthier, more balanced musculature and less chances of having back pain and breathing problems. Overall Sense of Well-Being Dancing is a predominantly social activity. Research has shown that strong social ties contribute to a positive outlook in life and high self-esteem. Dancing provides many opportunities to meet other people. As physical activity decreases stress and tension, regular dancing provides a general sense of well-being.