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Are Antlers Safe for Dogs? You must have heard of deer antlers being given to dogs before. Some people, on the other hand, do not like the idea thinking that antlers are unsafe for dogs. In all honestly, those things are 100 percent safe. That is why they are used as treats for canines. To know more on why and how antlers are good for dogs, read on. Dogs actually can chew on deer antlers. It is animal nature that wolves, dogs, coyotes and even rats in the wild scour the lands searching for antlers. No one knows exactly why but they get essential nutrients from chewing deer antlers. Antlers indeed are made up of calcium and other nutrients, which is sensible. Calcium, in effect, is important to dogs and other animals. To make the long story short, the dogs get the nutrients from chewing on antlers, the same way that animals do in the wild. No wonder many veterinarians advise dog owner to give their loving pets deer antlers every once in a while.
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So this goes to say that these antlers are not dangerous to dogs and instead they are nutritious and they last for a long time. In contrast, milk bones or raw hide would never last as long. Because antlers are very hard, dogs will love them.
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There are loads more of advantages for giving your dogs these things. Antlers can actually keep your dog’s teeth cleaner, stronger and healthier. Plaque and other food particles that get stuck on your dog’s teeth are also managed. This, in effect, will keep the dog from suffering tooth decay or tooth loss. It is true that many dog treats do begin to stink after dogs have had begun chewing on them, but that is not the case with deer antlers. Now, it must be noted that dogs can choke on anything even their own food and that is why your need to supervise dogs when they are biting antlers even if these things are safe for them. Having sad that, when the piece has become very small already, you should throw it away to be safe. Now with those facts in mind, how does a dog owner normally offer antlers to their pets. Divide the antler into smaller parts and give it to the dog one at a time because it is ridiculous to give them everything. You will need to use a hacksaw or other sharp objects you have to cut it into bits that are about 6 inches in length. In summary, it is always ideal to give dogs antlers as chew treats because of the benefits that they provide. It is worth mentioning that they are cheap. Click this link if you are looking for Antler dog chew.